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Video: Tougher workouts at UGA?

July 31, 2013

Pump iron or soup: Strength training is an essential way to build endurance for the weekend warrior. Muscles need resistance training to function at their full capacity. Use lighter weights with multiple reps initially to improve tone - even doing curls with a soup can will help to tone your muscles for endurance-based activities like hiking or distance running. If you'd like to build strength and bulk, gradually move to higher weights with fewer reps. Get conditioned: Many of us are weekend warriors by necessity, not by choice - our routine simply does not permit a lot of time to train during the week. But if you can find the time for even check it out a little bit of simple aerobic conditioning, you'll see a huge change in both your weekend performance and your everyday energy level. Activities like light jogging, cycling and dance are easy, low-impact ways to mobilize muscles in a very natural way to improve cardiovascular health and limit damage to the cartilage and joints while having our body burn calories.

Top 5 exercises to tone your lower half!

But apparently that is not always the case. Georgia defensive lineman Garrison Smith revels how drastically the summer workouts have changed from his freshman year to his senior season. Smith also talks about who will be the next Adrian Peterson in the Bulldogs backfield. (Hint it is not who you expect.)

Make excuses so you can get home in time for the X-Factor? Check out these simple moves you can do in the comfort of your [warm] living room - and in front of the TV. We caught up with celebrity trainer James Duigan, who trains some of the hottest bodies in the modelling and acting world, to run us through the moves: Move: Push-up with rotation Inspiration: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's flat tummy "It's not sit-ups that get you a flat stomach , it's planks and twists" Duigan says. Step 1 Assume a push-up position . Place your hands one-and-a-half shoulder-widths apart.

Day at Camp: Ponder still wobbly in opening workouts in Mankato

These cardio exercises also trim fat from your legs and butt. Add the intensity of an uphill climb with gravity pulling against you, and you will see the results dramatically. If you're not ready for the uphill challenges, walking or running on a flat surface also strengthens lower body muscles. However, the more intense the workout, the faster you get results. Workout for Sexy Lower Body # 2: Squats Squats are one of the best exercises for toned legs and firmer butt. Plus, there are several variations that activate different muscles and make the workout more interesting.

Workouts you can do in front of the television

From the podium Frazier was asked if 199-pound cornerback Josh Robinson had been asked to gain weight because he is replacing Antoine Winfield at the nickel slot position. For nine years with the Vikings, Winfield was one of the leagues best tacklers and a physical force in the slot. But Winfield also was only 185 pounds. No, [Robinsons] weight is fine, Frazier said. [Playing the slot] is more about instincts and awareness than it is about weight gain and strength gain. Camp Chatter When I say Im working for the Feds today, it means Im miked up. Safety Jamarca Sanford, who has to be careful what he says when he wears a wire while being miked up for, which he was on Monday. Injury report WR Greg Childs (knees) is on the physically-unable-to-perform list. LB Nathan Williams (ankle) is on the physically-unable-to-perform list.

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