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How Google's Fitness Api Will Buff You Up

January 18, 2014

max workouts women pdf Owners Stacey Armijo and Sandra Lemos also own one studio in Folsom and another in Roseville. Those studios are part of a national franchise that began in San Francisco in 2000 and now includes 49 studios in Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, Canada and Paris. Curious about the new studio? On Thursday, the downtown Sacramento location posted a sneak peek of its class schedule on Facebook.

The step counter and detector in the Nexus 5 are just one way that new sensor technology is being employed for fitness tracking. Developers are also figuring out new ways to incorporate accelerometer (the sensor that detects how you are holding a smartphone and change from vertical to horizontal views), gyroscope (a sensor for measuring device orientation based on angular momentum) and compass data into apps. To learn the many ways in which developers are taking advantage of wearables to promote fitness, check out this piece from our editor-in-chief . Sensors + APIs=Context & Opportunity When you start incorporating all these sensors, the ability to track your workout stops being linearGPS location to the cloudand starts becoming more of like a fitness mesh network in your phone (and maybe soon, your smarwatch). Hence, a fitness API to coordinate, organize and export all of this data becomes much more necessary than it was previously.

Winter fitness boot camp shakes things up

A former member of Mayor Richard M. Daleys Fitness Council, Grosshauser is also a Certified Master Trainer for Piloxing, Polar ElectroCardio GX and Group Free Motion. She is certified in coaching numerous programs, including Corebar, WKC Kettle Bell, Schwinn Cycling, BOSU and Kinesis. Grosshauser developed original programming to accompany her branded training content which she delivered at fitness education workshops worldwide. Her experience encompasses the direction, personal training and group exercise programming for a hospital based health and fitness center in addition to holding the title of National Group Exercise Director for a major fitness chain.

Leslie Grosshauser Named Director of Fitness At Midtown Athletic Club in Palatine

"It's not your typical workout, but people are still getting a full-body workout that's pretty intense." The workouts can also be modified to fit each person's individual fitness needs, added the fitness coordinator. Because of the intensity of some of the workouts throughout the program, Avila suggests that people who are interested have some sort of fitness background before signing up, but if they are highly motivated, then the program might be right up their alley. "Boot camp is a commitment and people should know that before jumping into it," she said. "You're going to get out of it what you put in, so if you come in just for a one-hour session and leave, you're going to get the minimum results out of the program.

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